Facing Fear – Don’t Be Afraid

Owning a business can be scary. That’s just the truth of the matter. When you have to make big decisions for yourself and your company, it can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Annual budget predictions alone are enough to give an owner anxiety! So, how do we deal with fear when running our businesses?

Fear Reactions

Our initial reactions to big decisions can vary. There’s no one right way to react when you start to feel that fear creeping up, but you should be aware of your habits and those around you if you want to communicate effectively. For example, when your team proposes a budget for the coming year, not everyone will react the same way. The more you know about who you’re pitching to or receiving a pitch from, the better you’ll be able to pass information back and forth.


Some people are more likely to retreat with new information and mull it over before returning with their response. This doesn’t mean they are fleeing forever — they might just need time to formulate a clear response. These kinds of people may not respond to aggressive or loud championing for ideas. You should try a calm, reasoned, and extended conversation to allow for optimal communication.


Other people operate best in the moment. You might notice these people challenging claims and asking for proof that the new idea will work. Some team members voice their passion loudly or forcefully. If you are one of these people or need to converse with one, be prepared to argue and discuss the merits of the budget or idea in the same sitting. Be confident in your claims and back up your proposal to convince others to agree to it.

Fear Is Challenging

No one really likes to feel afraid, whether it’s of the unknown or the looming growth of the business. However, if you feel fear in some areas of your business, it’s actually a good sign. It can be really easy to become complacent when you start to find some success in your career, but the worst thing you can do is stop challenging yourself.
Fear challenges you. It makes you push yourself to your limits and risk things you care about. Fear also promotes radical growth. You have to be afraid of how far you believe you can go in order to even conceptualize reaching that goal.

Set Scary Goals

It may seem crazy or out of the ordinary to consider setting such high goals but do it anyway. Push those budgets up, have faith in those projections and believe that you can attain great things. When your projected growth starts to scare you a little bit, that’s when you know you’re doing something right.


Todd Liles is the CEO of Service Excellence.

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