Love is in the Air – So Share it With Your Customers

By Chris Lonergan

You know you love your customers…

If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have developed a brand and marketing efforts to attract those customers. You wouldn’t have spent so much time training yourself and your team to provide customers with the services they need. And you wouldn’t have followed through with the best customer service possible at every job.


So it makes sense that you should show your customers some love. We’re not talking about flowers and chocolates here. We’re talking about demonstrating appreciation to your clients all year long.

Whether it is your sweetheart or your best customer, it can be difficult to put the right words together to really say what you mean. So let’s go over a few simple ways to demonstrate your appreciation and show your clients that they mean the world to you!


Be Thankful – Starting At the Job Site

In a day-and-age where many companies are trying to find ways to improve marketing automation and build up additional digital customer service touchpoints, we sometimes forget about the face-to-face interactions that build businesses.

Dealing with a contractor or home service provider in an abstract way, like booking appointments online, processing printed documentation, and emailing reports, can all be considered cold, impersonal experiences.

Building up that human connection is key to make them remember you. They aren’t going to recall the great web form they used to fill out an estimate request. They’re going to remember the people. It’s phone calls, onsite visits, and personal interactions that forge stronger relationships between business providers and customers.

If you’re on a multi-day project, when you meet with a client or call in with a report on your progress, it provides daily opportunities to thank someone for their business while ensuring open customer communication.

When the job is done, a look in the eye, firm handshake, and an honest “Thank you for your business” can go a long way.


Customers and PDA – Public Displays of Appreciation

When you receive a review online, take the time to interact with that customer with a reply for a great way to again make your customer feel they are valued.

Since they did you the favor of leaving a positive review (and making you look good over your competitors), the least you can do is thank them for their business and kind words in a public way.

Likewise, when you finished job that can be documented with pictures as well as a review, sharing that content on your social media accounts can be another great way to publicly display your appreciation while promoting your business at the same time.


Saying Thank You for Spreading the Word with a Formal Referral System

If you do good work, you certainly may get some referral work on accident.

But just as how you have a formal process for active customer review management to gather reviews quickly, having a formal referral system can help to incentivize past customers and generate additional referrals.

Having formal channels, like a referral program on your business card and/or a custom form on your website, can help to drive leads to you with little to no effort.

Whether you offer movie tickets, restaurant gift cards, or cold hard cash, having a nice incentive for taking part of your referral program makes the process even more appealing.

Rewarding your past customers for telling stories about your good service 1) makes your past customer feel appreciated all over again and 2) predisposes your new customers to trust you and your abilities, which makes for an easier sales process.


A Follow Up and Thank You in The Mail

A simple thank you card is a low cost way to simultaneously follow up on a client’s satisfaction and demonstrate appreciation to your customer.

Such a follow up offers you another opportunity to secure a positive review from a happy client or to remedy a poor experience before he or she can contribute a negative review online.


Just be sure your thank you card is authentic. Anecdotes from a job or custom note can be a nice way to create a more personalized customer touch point.

Like thank you cards, holiday cards are a simple, low-cost way to reach out to your customers from the calendar year or even your complete past client base. These types of simple reminders help demonstrate your love for your customers while also building your top-of-mind awareness for future service needs or referrals.


Going Above and Beyond for Your Best Customers

For some customers, you may want to deliver more than a thank you card. Whether you use the size of the job, the number of referrals completed, or recurring nature of service as your criteria, a gift basket at the holidays or on a service anniversary gets opened and acknowledged much more quickly than a greeting card envelope.


BONUS: Don’t Forget to Show Your Employees that You Care, too!

Your employees need love, too. While they certainly recognize your appreciation in the form of their paycheck, personal recognition for going above-and-beyond normal duties can give an employee a warm, fuzzy feeling that cannot be matched by dollars and cents.  Demonstrating to your employees that you care fosters a connection between them and your business, which helps all parties involved.

Without your customers, your business wouldn’t be here, so take the time to show them that you care and help grow your company in the process.


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