How to Make Facebook Work for You!

By Chris Hunter

Try Facebook with your business they say, it’ll work great! So you try it and it stinks. You post and get three likes. One was you, your mom, and someone who accidentally hit the like button while scrolling.

What are you doing wrong? Why can some have great results and you try it and nothing happens? Facebook has an algorithm that can make or break your page. I put together some best practice tips based on information from Facebook for my team recently and decided to share with you!

Page likes

First, you have to get people to like the page. You can’t have 10 people who are fans of your page and expect to get reach. Facebook has a paid promotion you can do to target people who are in your area and likely to “like” your page. It’s extremely effective. Also, encourage all your team members to go on and like your page and “invite friends”. The invite friends function is something I encourage everyone to do often.



It’s about engagement

You can have what you think is the best content in the world or the funniest meme ever, but whenever you post content that doesn’t get much social interaction, Facebook essentially lowers your rating. Every time you have something that isn’t interacted with, your algorithm score goes down. You can even get your score so low that it’s very hard to organically crawl back out of it. When this happens, you will have to pay to promote your post to get anyone to see it. If you wouldn’t walk up to someone and say what you post on your page, then it’s not being social! Ask questions and post content that engages with your audience. It’s a two-way conversation between you and your customers. What an opportunity to talk with the people who do business with you every day! In the business manager section, you can see statistics on engagement for your posts, plus who is engaging so you can better craft future posts toward your target audience. For example, I can see that women between the age of 35-44 in Ardmore, Oklahoma are the most engaged with our page. If I was doing a paid ad, I may want to only target women in that age group to get the most return on my advertising investment.



Be Authentic

The key to earning customer’s trust is being social with them and show the human side of your business. It’s a chance to showcase how hard you work at all hours, all of the nice compliments you receive, your families, your funny faults, specials exclusively for Facebook customers, charity work, your real-life situations that they can relate to, any continuing education and how much, how you keep customer’s comfortable, and how you save them money.  Once trust is earned, they will have you top of mind the next time they are in need. The more they see you going above and beyond, the stronger the bond becomes. People want to do business with people they trust and know! Don’t be afraid to cross your personal posts with your business posts either. People will associate you with your business, so be mindful of what you are posting. Be authentic!



Video is where it’s at! Adam Mosseri, head of News Feed with Facebook recently wrote, “Page posts that generate conversation between people will show higher in News Feed. For example, live videos often lead to discussion among viewers on Facebook – in fact, live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos.”

Use live video and be sure to interact with your audience. Show them what you are working on, what’s going on at the office, ask questions, interact, and make it fun! It is SOCIAL media! How about taking a live video as one of your technicians goes into an attic? It’s something your customers don’t see every day and it will generate interest! I also think you should utilize video to tell your brand’s story. What’s your mission for being in business and what do your customers need to know about you and the company? Tell it on video!

Here is a recent sample showing the types of post that get the most engagement for one of our Hunter Super Techs pages. Video is the clear winner!



Frequency & Time

How much should you post and when? According to a best practice study by NULOU, posting a minimum of three times a week and no more than ten times per week is acceptable. How often do you post with your personal page? Think about that as well. Just be social without being annoying. The best time to post is when your audience is available. Using the Facebook business manager, it shows me that my audience is most engaged between 7:00 – 9:00 PM. By no surprise, it shows almost all are engaged daily. Very few people take a day off of social media. Try interacting and posting when your customers are available. It will pay off.



Things to Avoid

Don’t use ‘engagement-bait’ to goad people into interacting. Facebook has said they will demote these in Newsfeeds. “Like this page and share it” are sayings you should not do. Don’t post things that could damage the company’s reputation! If it doesn’t line up with the company’s core values, don’t share it with the world! It never goes away.

Don’t use the same text over and over or share content that has been circulated.

Don’t make a lot of text only posts.

Don’t argue with customers on posts or bash a competitor! That actually is engagement so it will start to show up on more newsfeeds. Not what you want.


Boosted Posts & Ads

Boosting and targeting ads are extremely effective. This is how you can be in front of your customer day and night. You can even create custom audiences by uploading your customer list. Facebook will find them, plus find people who have the same demographic as your list. It’s very powerful. I do believe you should work with a professional to make sure they are done correctly and targeting the audience you want. Otherwise, you could spend lots of money with little to no return. Promoted posts and ads are not only an awesome way to target your audience, but also target and engage potential people to join your team! If you aren’t spending some of your advertising budget on social media marketing, you need to rethink your strategy. There are numerous tools you can use including promote local business, creating offers, publish job posts, get phone calls, bookings, page likes and website visits, create events, start a survey poll, and much more! Take the time to invest in learning or partner with an expert to help take your local marketing to the next level!  Facebook can work for you!


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