Only Go Forward

Here it is, May of 2020. We are still in the middle of Pandemicville. Covid-19 has turned the world up-side-down…turned lives upside-down, and it is not over yet. So, Only Go Forward. We will get through it! There is no other choice. It cannot be wished away, a head in the sand approach accomplishes nothing, and getting angry at all the inconveniences is a waste of human energy.

Think of something funny….laugh a little bit…laugh a whole lot. Only Go Forward. I was at a local grocery store. I witnessed a guy take off two belts, lash three grocery carts together, and pull through the store. All were heaping full. One was toilet paper and sanitizer. It was organized very nicely into a giant pyramid. King Tut would have been proud. I laughed a bunch. You have got to be kidding! I bet this guy’s garage is packed full of this stuff. Really? It is not the end of the world. The “flu bug” hits somewhere every year. So, We Only Go Forward.

We Only Go Forward; Four powerful words that can change lives.

“Never Look Back….Never Give Up…Remain Positive” are eight powerful words that can change lives. That frankly, have changed lives. To date, these eight words have changed life for the better for over 65 lives and families.

Those eight words are the operating mantra of Joe Groh as he started the with a laser focus on helping the contracting trades. This is the only foundation of record that is dedicated to contractors. Joe Groh is living with quadriplegia. Joe had a bicycle accident on Father’s Day 2008, suffered major spinal cord trauma at C4, and now lives in a wheelchair or bed. He has no movement of limbs from the neck down.

And yet this incredible man, with the support of a very amazing and incredible family, accomplishes more on Monday morning than some folks with full use of limbs accomplish all week. You see, this man lives for his foundation, he lives to assist those in the professional and essential service contracting field that must face head-on, life-altering illnesses or accidents. And sometimes those accidents or illnesses have happened to family members, which may make it even more difficult. The foundation supports family members of anyone in the contracting trades as well.

At the time of his accident, Joe, having been thrown over the handlebars of his bicycle, laid on the ground and realized something terrible had happened to his body. He realized at that moment that his life would never be the same. And shortly after knowing help was on the way and a short pause to feel sorry for himself, Joe, this amazing man, formulated his creed – “Never Look Back, Never Give Up, Remain Positive.”

Service Roundtable and Service Nation Alliance have chosen the Joseph Groh Foundation as their official charity to support. And Service Roundtable and Alliance members for over a decade have stepped up, making positive financial results a reality for this foundation. Each person and company that contribute plays a significant role in contracting families in need of assistance; families and people who look just like us.

Your donations allow the foundation to Only Go Forward and serve those with the greatest need within our family of contractors.

An example of our contractor family generosity happened in San Diego at the International RoundTable Conference. Ken Goodrich, the owner of the Goettl family of companies, has long been a supporter of the Joseph Groh Foundation. He made an impassioned plea to help a young man and his family needing a wheelchair accessible converted van. The response was overwhelming; the contributions added up. And then, Ken graciously matched the funds raised. Dollar for Dollar. WOW, talk about Only Go Forward. Talk about unconditional support.

Another example is Dave Squires with On-Line Access, a Roundtable Reward partner, who agreed to refresh and maintain the Joseph Groh Foundation website at no charge to the foundation. And then we have Scott Boxer, who many of you may know from your Lennox and Service Expert experience, makes a more than generous donation to the foundation. Scott’s generosity provides a foundation for us to continue helping people for some time in the future.  

In the difficult times we are all now experiencing, every act of kindness, every act of generosity, every smile, and every dollar makes a difference. Remember the importance of those instances when working with your employees, your customers, your family, your community, and your industry.

Yes, we are seeing many difficult situations now. But the contracting industry is dedicated to Only Go Forward. And the continues its journey to Only Go Forward and assist those contractor families in need due to an unforeseen accident or illness.  

No family should have to deal with the level of hardship a life-altering accident or illness causes. Medical cost is a major reason for personal financial disruption and bankruptcies. The Foundation recommends everyone should have Short Term-Long Term Disability insurance as a very inexpensive protection for the unforeseen. Businesses should make it a standard benefits package addition.

Make yourself a promise. Only Go Forward. The majority of companies we talk to are having their best months and best quarters ever for revenue. So if that is you, donate the You are successfully navigating difficult waters, so help the Joseph Groh Foundation help members of our family navigate much more difficult, extremely difficult, unimaginably difficult waters.

Written by John and Vicki LaPlant

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