Why Purpose?

Written by Dave Rothacker


Why should a leader build their company on the basis of a business WHY? Why should a leader understand the purpose behind why they are in business? Does it really make a difference in productivity and effectiveness?


For a doctor to treat an illness or disease, they must understand the disease’s symptoms. Let’s take a look at some of the major symptoms of a business operating without a WHY/purpose.


No Identity – Take a look at service trucks in your town. Most have three to five company names on them. Who are they? The same holds true for their advertising in community flyers. There’s a picture of a condenser and a handful of company names. The Hunter Super Techs is an example of a company that knows its identity. Are you a billboard for other companies or do you stand for something?


A Toxic Work Culture – Gossip, backstabbing, politics, and general chaos is a primary indicator of a company without purpose. It’s also an indicator of weak leadership. Providing that people believe in what the leader believes in, the purpose is a rallying point from which to unite coworkers to a common cause. The poisonous symptoms of a toxic culture go away when people work together for a cause greater than themselves.


No Company Vision – No vision is like the captain of the ship boarding the crew and setting sail to nowhere in particular. After a while, the crew loses interest in working the sails and soon the ship is at the mercy of the wind. A company vision that is embedded in the culture unites team members and inspires them to move forward.


Failure to Implement Change – Change is a broad perspective. But if you and your company aren’t changing, you both are withering on the vine. The fact that you are willing to change but your coworkers are not is a clear case of either no purpose or one that isn’t being communicated properly. If you are not willing to change, you are stunting the growth and development of your people; you’re doing them a huge disservice. It would be best for you to sell the company and work for someone else.


No Reason to Get up in the Morning and Race to Work – If this is you, then your business is not purpose driven. Can you imagine your coworkers feeling this way? How awful! Why would you create an atmosphere where people get a stomach ache thinking about working at your company?


The Hamster Wheel Effect – You and your company are not making progress. Every day is Groundhog Day all over again; the same battles, the same issues, and the same outcome. The only difference is that you have less and less energy to run in the wheel. How sad!


No Inspiration – You are not inspiring your coworkers and they are not inspiring you. Trapped in that hamster wheel, you’re not connecting with sources of outside inspiration. How would you like to work for someone who doesn’t inspire you?


No Added Value – You aren’t adding value to your coworker’s lives. And beyond fixing or installing equipment, your coworkers are not adding value to the customer’s lives. Adding value to other’s lives is a deep and meaningful activity with many rewards.


No Sense of Team and Unity – Fewer things are more energizing than working with a team for a common cause greater than themselves! That sense of belonging helps your people go home at night with a better attitude.


Overall Directionless – Whether it’s how you feel about driving the company forward or it’s a symptom in your workforce, there isn’t a direct movement toward something of value.


An Uncomfortable Feeling That You Are Meant to do More – For some, it’s a raging head or stomach ache. For others, it’s something gnawing at their souls. Whatever it is that you are doing, it isn’t enough or it isn’t the right thing. You know in your heart you were meant for greater things.


Is This as Good as it’s Going to Get? Or, Is This All There is? – Perhaps you’re at, near, or just a little past midlife. Having sprinted to this point in your hamster wheel, you begin to get this sick feeling in your gut. It’s never too late to reassess, put the effort in to uncover your purpose, and start over! Again, you know in your heart things could be better.


Do You Want to Leave a Meaningful Legacy? – Do you think your kids will say one day that your life mattered? What will people say at your funeral? Did you make a difference in the lives of others? Are the footprints you left in your life visible enough for others to follow? Or will you go down as the greatest hamster wheel driver in history?


It’s Been with You All Along – Our WHY/purpose is not something that is out there in the world waiting to be discovered. It’s something that has been with us for all our adult life. We see glimpses of it when we do something in the service of others that we love and we also see it when we’re growing.


The greatest lesson that I have learned over the years, and I have deep scars to prove it took too long, is to enlist the help of someone to guide in uncovering your WHY/purpose!


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